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Best Folding Bikes

There are many different sizes, styles, and types of folding bikes. In order to decide the best folding bikes, you have to research the different types available on the market. People who are looking for the best models for short riding distances and a lightweight frame may want to consider the A-Bike. The A-Bike has a very interesting design, it is very light-weight, and it folds down to the smallest size-but that doesn't necessarily make it the best folding bike. It has its faults, including the fact it is uncomfortable to ride for long periods of time due to the small wheels and the design of the seat.

Some critics consider Airnimal as the best models for a variety of reasons. Airnimals are the most recent newcomers to the folding bikes scene, but at this point, they have been around for several years. Airnimals are very comfortable, and have large tires, so they are suitable for touring, but some people will not consider Airnimals as the best bikes because they are not suitable for commuters, or commuter-assisting. They are very large when they fold-possibly too large to comfortably carry onto a bus or a train.

Based on several folding bikes reviews and websites, Brompton models seem to be among the premier folding bikes. These bikes fold quickly and easily. They are not bulky. They are easy to carry around and transport. But some reviewers caution that Brompton models might not be the best for everybody. By now, you might be detecting a recurring theme when it comes to the best models. Most folding bike manufacturers are producing high-quality products, but the issue of quality is not necessarily the measurement everybody uses when seeking out the best foldable bicycles.

If you are researching the best bicycles, perhaps the first thing you should do is make a list of the qualities you absolutely need in your folding bike. After that, research all the different types of folding bikes and match them to your criteria. The closest match is the best folding bike for your needs.

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