Folding Bikes
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Big Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes are miniature bikes, but they do come in different sizes. Regular pocket bikes are built for racing, but big pocket bikes are meant to be used on the street as well. That is why these bikes are a bit bigger than regular pocket bikes. They are generally twice the size of regular pocket bikes, but they are still smaller than other bikes and mopeds. These models are also faster than regular pocket bikes. They are slick, fast, and attractive mini bikes.

Big pocket models require a license like all motorcycles in most jurisdictions. If you are going to start using one on the street, you should double check all the laws in your city and state. These bikes are also more difficult to ride than regular pocket bikes. Before you take it out for a cruise on public streets, be sure to practice. You should feel comfortable before you try to drive them in traffic. Always make sure your bikes are street legal with the proper lights, mirrors, and other considerations before you take it out on the street.

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