Folding Bikes
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There are many different reasons to search for and purchase the perfect bike. Some people look for one as a mere mode of transportation. Using them for transportation has always been popular in some areas of the country, but now that popularity is growing as gas prices continue to rise. Other people need them because they are interested in the sport of cycling. The sort used for the sport is usually much different than the type used for transportation. And even the variety of models differs within the sport. Cross-country models are built to handle different terrains and speeds than mountain cycles. Some people view their cycle as a simple hobby. Or perhaps they seek a bicycle to help them exercise daily and get fit. Of course, none of these reasons or purposes are mutually exclusive, so a bicycle that is built for a variety of purposes might be used, or perhaps purchasing more than one bicycle is necessary.

If you are looking for your first bicycle, or even your tenth, the proper amount of research is required. Bicycles are serious investments, and they range in quality and price. Some of them have better reputation than others. Some will last longer than others. Before you shell out your money on a new bicycle, be sure of what you're buying.

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