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Bike Baskets

Bike baskets are the small baskets that go on either the handlebars or the rear wheel of a bike. These baskets are very convenient, and come in many different styles. Some baskets are mere metal crates, chosen for purely utilitarian purposes. Other baskets look more like the standard weaved baskets you might see on a child’s bike. Still other baskets might resemble picnic baskets more than anything. Bike boxes and baskets can reflect the rider’s personality, or they can reflect the purpose of the bike. For example, if a racing bike has a bike basket it at all, it will be something small and light weight—a bike basket that won’t get in the way of the primary function of the bike.

These baskets can be purchased anywhere you can find bike accessories. They also come with some bikes. If you know you want a basket for your bike, you might want to shop for the bike that has the appropriate bike basket already to save time and money. These baskets can also be easily swapped out or replaced. They are very handy for students or professionals who use bikes as transportation to work and school.

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