Folding Bikes
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Bike Carriers

Bike carriers are the devices that are designed to fit on the back of a car or a SUV. They are used to transport bikes on cars that do not have bike racks on the roof. They can carry either one or two bikes, depending on the size and style you purchase. Some carriers can even carry up to three bikes. These carriers are good investments for families who enjoy cycling together. These carriers can also be installed on almost any car. They are a good investment for anybody who regularly travels to cycle, like to bicycle races, or up mountain trails. They are also far more convenient and cheaper than buying a new car or truck to accommodate the hobby!

Bicycle carriers are typically made of aluminum. Aluminum models are sturdy and light weight, so you won’t have to worry about the carriers damaging your car or being mangled somehow. There are even carriers for small motorcycles. Again, attaching a carrier to your car or truck is far easier and more convenient than buying something that is capable of carrying your bike or motorcycle. Bicycle carriers are generally available in any shop or store that sells bike accessories.

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