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Bike Helmets

Bike helmets are as important to cyclists as safety belts are to drivers. Anybody who rides a bike should wear a helmet. In fact, with the sheer number of helmets available on the market, as well as all the education and information about helmets available to anybody who cares to research, there’s no reason not to wear one. They can protect you from major injury, and even death, in the case of a serious accident. They aren’t even that expensive, and you can certainly find high-quality models on a budget. Helmets should be considered an essential accessory to any bike and for any cyclist. Especially children.

Bicycle helmets have changed and evolved over the years. They are light-weight and even sporty, without losing any of their safety measures. They should always fit your head properly, so be sure to measure both your head and the helmet before purchasing. A properly fitting helmet will not be uncomfortable or a hassle. They might mess up your hair, but the benefits of not having your skull crushed in far outweigh the potential negative of bad hair.

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