Folding Bikes
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Bike Jumps

Bike jumps are ramps made to help make a bike jump. They can be bought in bike shops and stores that sell bike accessories, or they can be homemade. Jumps vary in size. Some are fairly small and suitable for a beginner, or somebody who does not yet feel comfortable taking larger jumps. Jumps range in size to match skill, and some are massive. These types are often built rather than purchased. These are also the type used in competitive cycling and extreme sports.

When using jumps, proper safety should always be a priority. This means that anybody using a bike jump should wear a helmet. Also, cyclists who choose to try a bike jump should wear other protective gear, such as pads on the knees and elbows. Somebody who is an expert at using jumps should be present, like a coach or a mentor. Also observe the proper age requirements for the jumps. Young children should never use jumps without proper supervision. With proper supervision, safety, and training, jumps can be fun for almost any interested cyclist.

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