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Bike Reviews

You wouldn’t buy a new car without reading consumer reports and critical reviews. You wouldn’t buy any high-end appliance without doing the same. Most items that require a serious monetary investment—as well as a time investment—require thoughtful research before hand. Bikes are no different. There are many different places to find bike reviews. These reviews are important because they can give you an idea of what you are looking for. They can also point to a product that best fits your needs. These reviews are not the end-all and be-all of bike research, of course. Like all reviews, bicycle reviews can be extremely subjective, as opposed to objective, and people who write reviews could have their own biases and preferences. But reviews can still be extremely helpful, even with their possible downsides in mind.

There are many webpages and even magazines dedicated to the sport of cycling, and almost all of them have reviews. These should tell you some basic important information. A review should tell you how a bike handles. Other important information in a bike review might include how sturdy a bike is, how light-weight it is, and how it performs under certain stress tests.

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