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Bike Seats

There are many different types of bike seats for various body types and riding styles. If you choose the wrong type of bike seat it can be very uncomfortable and possibly quite painful. If you ride your bike fast than you probably want a slimmer seat because most of your weight isn't on the bike seat when you ride quickly. If you ride a beach cruiser or a bike that you will not ride quickly a wider bike seat would be more comfortable for you. Also, different seats are designed for men and women. In addition to thin and wide seats there are special styles that can be used if you had a past injury or condition that does not allow you to ride on regular seats. Some of these special seats do not allow shock from the ground to get to the body, some have extra cushioning, some special seats are inflatable for different comfort levels and some are filled with gel to absorb shock and give a custom fit. As well has comfort and design seats come in different colors. Other than simple black seats there are brown, red, blue, green, yellow, pink and green seats.

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