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Bike Shop

A bike shop is great for finding general and specific parts for your bike. You can usually find bike parts and tools in any hardware store but a bicycle shop will usually have a larger selection and more specific hard to find parts. These shops sell bike parts such as tire pumps, air gauges, tires, and tire tubes. They can also sell accessories for your bike like bottle holders, bells, head lights, reflectors, and baskets. A proper shop will sell a variety high quality parts and tools. Some stores sell specific types of bikes and bike parts, such as racing bikes, cruiser bikes, or mountain bikes. A bicycle shop has great resources for anybody who rides a bike from professional cyclists to casual cyclists.

A shop’s biggest selling point is the people who work there. Generally, anybody who works there is experienced and educated about bikes. You can go to a shop to ask questions about a possible purchase, or you can seek out information about your current bike. A well-stocked store full of educated employees is worth its weight in gold. If you need to find a good shop, be sure to ask fellow cyclists.

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