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Have you ever scoured the city, searching for the perfect bike part, only to come up empty handed? Have you ever spent hours on the Internet looking for the perfect accessory, only to give up in disappointment? Have you ever asked one of the sales associates at a department store for help with your bicycle, only to be meant with a blank stare? There is nothing more frustrating than this. That is why specialized bike shops with genuine experts are such a rare and precious find. These shops can help any cyclist with almost any need. They are great for hobbyists, athletes, and everybody in between.

Shops are also a good place to meet like-minded people. These shops sponsor riders in races. Other shops host local bike clubs. These places will also have a wide variety of literature available about bicycles and the sport. Since bicycle shops are specialized, they will have more time to spend with each individual customer. These are all obvious perks, and so some of the prices might be a little higher. But the added cost is worth it, due to all the other benefits these shops offer.

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