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Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are shorts that are made with synthetic fabrics so they are breathable and can mold to your legs for optimal comfort. They are great because they do not have any seams and they will not irritate you while you are riding. These shorts come in a various colors, styles and price ranges. The different styles come in various different prices from about $20 to $80. Cheaper shorts are made with less panels and hang straight, because of this these bicycle shorts do not breath as well and are not always as comfortable. While more expensive bicycle shorts have more panels and hang curved. The cheaper versions usually are not as comfortable as more expensive styles. Even though more expensive shorts are usually more comfortable it really depends on your body type and what you find comfortable. They come in many different colors such as black, blue, yellow, red, orange, green, pink and white. Bicycle shorts come in many different patterns as well as solid colors. If you plan on riding for long periods of time shorts are good to have, but you have to find the pair that are the most comfortable for you.

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