Folding Bikes
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Bike Trailers

There are various types of bike trailers. Some trailers are used to carry cargo, some are more like bike strollers so you can take your children along with you on bike rides. Some others are made for taking your dog along for the ride. Cargo trailers are great for taking things like food, water, and camping supplies for long bike rides to a camping area. Bike cargo trailers are also great for taking important things with you on long bike rides to secluded areas. Bicycle trailers are a great accessory for your bike if you have kids. You can take your children with you on your bike rides so they can enjoy the bike ride with you. Some children's trailers seat only one child while others can sit two. Bicycle trailers made for dogs are great for aging dogs that can't walk as far as they used to. Dog trailers are also good for taking your dog on long bike rides that they could not have walked, no matter how old the dog is. All bicycle trailers, whether they be for kids, dogs or cargo, come in many different colors as well. Most of the colors they come in are bright to help drivers see you and whoever or whatever you are towing. Some colors are yellow, orange, red, blue, green and black.

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