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Birdy Folding Bikes

Birdy folding bikes have been helping to provide a very convenient cycling option for people for many years now. In fact, BIRDY bikes first came to be thanks to the vision of Markus Riese back in 1992. Interestingly enough, the very first prototype of Birdy’s folding bike was actually two separate bikes that were essentially welded together to prove that a folding bike design was actually quite possible to not only successfully make, but that it would also be quite possible to accomplish on a larger scale.

From this first early prototype design through presentations at some of the world’s biggest cycling trade shows, Birdy has come a very long way. And even though they have continued to rise in popularity, they certainly have not decided to simply rest on their laurels. That is why we continue to see excellent innovations through their latest models as they continue to apply a great deal of research and development in to each succeeding model year. There are now some very exciting models that are now available for you to choose from.

Birdy folding bikes are often considered to offer the very best in compact performance. And with over 12 years of active production and with more than 10,000 folding bike models sold per year, there is great reason to think that this very solid company will only continue to grow. Plus, these models are available all around the world, including Europe, Asia and USA, which means that just about everyone is able to hop on one and enjoy the ride!

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