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Cruiser Bikes

A cruiser bike is a classic bike that is best for leisure riding around town at lower speeds. They usually have balloon tires, heavy frames, foot brakes and one speed. They are great if you want a classic retro design and if you do not plan on doing any intense bike riding, but cruiser models have sturdy frames so they do fine with bumps and rough roads. Cruiser models come in different styles and colors. They come in girl and boy styles. Boy cruisers have a bar in between the handlebars and the seat. Girl cruisers do not have a bar between the handles and seat so you can wear a skirt while you ride and get on the bike easier. Some cruisers have a rack on the back to put a basket on or large handlebars that a basket can easily attach to. Cruiser models come in many different colors like black, cherry red, blue, pink, yellow, green and purple.

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