Folding Bikes
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Custom Bikes

There are hundreds of bicycle and motorcycle makers who make custom bikes. A custom bicycle can be made to fit your body type and riding style or it can be a unique design that stands out. There are many options, and when it comes to the really unique designs your only limit is your imagination and how much money you are willing to spend. Custom models can be expensive depending on who is building your it for you. If you decide that you want a custom model, whether it be a bicycle or motorcycle, you should look at as many builders as possible. Try to find a builder who can build with the best materials and at the best price. Of course if you know enough about bicycles or motorcycles you can take your the bike that you have and add parts to it that can make it a custom bicycle. By simply changing the seat, adding tire pegs, adding a basket or getting new handle bars you can customize your bike. Of course, if you have a motorcycle and know enough about motorcycles you can customize your frame, tires, engine, handlebars and any other part of your bike that you want to make more unique.

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