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Dahon Folding Bikes

What is one of the absolute best brands of folding bikes in the industry? Hands down, Dahon is one of the leaders of the pack for this special area of cycling. Cycling enthusiasts have come to rely on Dahon folding bikes for one of the most dependable cycling solutions out there. In fact, Dahon is one of the most bought brands in the industry, and for good reason. Their designs are often rated by professional consumer guides, buyer guides and user feedback forums as one of the best folding bike options. Their bikes feature the latest design techniques paired with classic and proven methods to provide riders with a folding bike that they can count on holding up against years of riding and still provide like new performance.

And what a level of performance it is. These Dahon models continue to be rated as some of the most agile, easy to handle and maneuver and fastest bikes out there. But with great speed and agility should also come great safety factors, and there is absolutely no doubt that Dahon continues to put a great amount of effort into providing only the safest models, helping people get to where they need to go in the safest manner possible.

Another reason whey Dahon continues to rank near the top is because while their designs offer some high tech innovations, they are still super easy to fold up. In fact, with just a few practice tries you can usually fold up a Dahon model in under 30 seconds! Now that is a convenient folding option for everyone!

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