Folding Bikes
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Dirt Bikes

Dirk bikes are great off road recreation bikes that can be used casually or professionally in races. Dirt bikes are usually light weight with small engines and simple construction. These bikes have to be smaller and lightweight so jumping them and performing tricks can be done. They are used in Moto Cross which is racing with jumps. Even if you don't intend on riding in any sport this type of bike is great to have if you want to do some off road riding. There are many different engine sizes and colors. The engines are smaller than normal motorcycles and usually range from 125cc to 660cc. Finding the right engine size depends on what you plan on using the bike for and your age. 125 cc is best for children and dirt biking that requires quick power and does not require much fuel, such as motocross and jumps. 660 cc is best for adults and is used in long distance rides when more fuel and power are needed. These bikes come in many different colors like black, green, red, blue, yellow, pink and orange. These models are also relatively inexpensive compared to larger motorcycles. Prices usually start around $450.

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Folding Bikes Folding Bikes