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Downtube Folding Bikes

Of course, there are a lot of really great models of folding bikes that you can choose from, but you can cut to the chase and consider what Downtube has to offer as a means of getting directly to one of the best values out there. Downtube folding bikes have been providing people with an incredibly convenient method of transportation for over years now, so while they offer cutting edge designs through their most recent models, providing people with reliable functionality is certainly nothing new. In fact, Downtube is one of the largest designers and manufacturers of these special types of bikes.

One of the reasons as to why people love the models that Downtube produces is because of the exceptional comfort that is afforded by these models. This great level of comfort is largely made possible by the comprehensive suspension systems that they design, offering full systems that include both front and rear suspension, providing a super comfortable ride over a very wide variety of terrains.

Plus, all their riders continue to remark on just how safe they feel because of well the Downtube braking systems work. They grant full control through powerful and accurate braking, which has made this brand especially popular for people who regularly use their bike for getting to work in busy, urban streets.

In addition, while it may sound like it is a given that all of these folding designs will automatically fold the same, this simply isn’t true. But Downtube definitely makes sure that their models feature super easy folding, allowing riders to fold up their bikes in under a minute.

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