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Drag BIkes

There are many different types of racing to gauge many different sorts of performances. Bikes built for dirt racing will not the be the same sort of bike built for cross-country racing. Like car races or horse races, each race is designed to showcase a certain skill. Whoever has the best performance will win this skills contest. Drag racing is a race that measures acceleration. Drag race tracks are typically one-quarter or even one-eighth of a mile. Drag racing is very popular for cars, but drag bicycle racing is growing in popularity all the time. The same rules apply to drag bicycle racing as other drag racing. Drag bikes are built to accelerate faster than any other bike. Drag racing is also popular because anybody can participate. Also, anybody can build their own drag model.   

Along with that, there is also a popular magazine called Drag Bike magazine. This is not a surprise, because there is typically a magazine dedicated to every sort of sport or hobby, and drag bicycle racing is growing in popularity on a daily basis. Anybody who likes fast bikes and skillful drivers should check out the growing sport of drag bicycle racing.

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