Folding Bikes
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Electric Bicycles

The electric bicycle is a bicycle powered by a battery-powered electric motor. They are a good choice for anybody who wants a little extra help peddling. The motors work to help the peddles move. The motors do not take the place of peddling. An electric bike is not a moped or a motorcycle. It is still very much a bicycle and subject to the same rules and laws on the road as a regular bicycle.

You may wonder who is best fit for this type of bicycle. Anybody who is looking for a clean alternative to a gas engine might be interested in one. Also, people who have lost their other means of transport for whatever reason could be interested in an electric model. They can still be rode in bike lanes, through parks, and on bicycle trails. These models provide all of the convenience of a regular bicycle at a much faster pace than most people can usually peddle. They might even go twice as fast a regular bicycle, if you can only peddle the bike at ten or twelve miles per hour.

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