Folding Bikes
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Electric Bikes

Do you have a commute that is too short for a car, but too long for the standard bike? Have you recently lost your ability to operate a motor vehicle, and now you’re looking for an alternative? Do you love riding your bike, but find you simply do not have the energy for trails that go up hills, or roads that require a great deal of stopping and starting? If you’re in any of these situations—or a combination of these situations—then electric bikes might be the answer for you. Electric models are propelled by small battery-powered electric motors. These bikes are slower than gas-powered engines, but are also quieter. They can move up to twice as fast as a regular bike. For example, if you normally peddle at a rate of ten miles per hour, you can go twice as fast on an electric bicycle.

You do not have to have a special license or permit to ride these bikes. They are allowed and appropriate anywhere else you would ride a regular bike. You can use electric models in bike lanes, on bike trails, or on the road, as long as you follow the proper rules and laws of the area.

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