Folding Bikes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a folding bike?
A: There is actually no secrete answer to this question—it is exactly what it sounds like! These very special models of bikes that feature innovative and cutting edge designs that actually allow these bikes to be folded up into just a fraction of their full size. They feature several different points on the bike that have locking points that allow the bike to be folded into a very compact form.

Q: When would I use a folding bike?
A: The real question to ask here is when wouldn’t you use a folding bike? The design of these special bikes allows them to be folded into a very compact form which means that you can take them virtually anywhere you go. While many people may like the ability to bike to work, there are some distances which are simply too far or feature roadways or highways that are simply too busy or dangerous to safely bike along, so it is extremely convenient to be able to bike the safe parts of your commute and then simply fold up your bike and hop on public transportation for the parts that are not safe enough to bike on.

Q: There are so many brands of folding bikes—how do I know which brands I can trust?
A: We understand that the variety of models that are available can almost make it a bit overwhelming to know which brand will suit your personal needs best, so here is a short listing of some of the top brands that you can trust to provide you with a high quality bike that will keep you safe on the road or on dirt paths and will provide you with many years of convenient use: Bike Friday, Birdy, Brompton, Caribike, Dahon, Montague, Moulton, Strida, and Swift Folder. Choosing a model of folding bike from any one of these brands will automatically help insure that you are getting the best possible quality and value in the marketplace today.

Q: There appears to be a lot of different individual types of folding bikes that are available—what are some of the most popular types of models that I should consider?
A: Some of the most popular types of models that you may want to consider buying are electric folding bikes, folding mountain bikes, folding exercise bikes, folding racing bikes, and folding street bikes. All of which offer specific features and benefits that offer you unique riding experiences.

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