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Fast Bikes

Fast Bikes is a well known monthly, bike racing magazine. They offer a wide variety of editorials, articles, pictures, and information. They also have a large website, dedicated to offering more information that can’t be found in the magazine. This is a trusted source for cycles and motorcyclists alike. They have regular features, as well as cover stories about the newest, best, and fastest bikes.

The staff is a very trustworthy group of editors, writers, and designers. They have dozens and dozens of years of experience between the lot of them. The editor of the magazine has over twelve years experience with sports bikes and over two decades of experience with bikes in general.

This is a good source to go to when you are researching the sort of bike you would like to buy. They have a staff full of people who test and ride the bikes before writing thoughtful and careful critiques of the bike for the magazine. This magazine is also a good and pleasant read.

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Folding Bikes Folding Bikes