Folding Bikes
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Folding Bicyclces

For people in certain cities and certain areas, using a bicycle as the primary mode of transportation just makes sense. Especially in larger metropolitan cities like New York and London. However, there is an issue with what to do with the bicycle when you are not riding it. Most people in New York, for example, live in tiny, cramped apartments. Leaving your bike out on the street isn’t usually a good idea. And when you ride the bicycle to work, what are you supposed to do with it? You want to make sure your bicycle stays dry, clean, and safe the same way people want to make sure their cars stay dry, clean and safe.

Folding bicycles is a rather elegant solution to this problem. They are becoming more popular, and so there are more types and styles available. Folding bikes are currently fairly expensive, because the technology and the market is changing. They are becoming increasingly convenient, with the size of the bicycles shrinking on a regular basis. Folding models can be stored under a desk, under a bed, in any closet, and even held on a crowded bus or subway train.

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