Folding Bikes
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Folding Bike

A folding bike is a great bike to have if you have limited storage space or need to take your bike onto elevators and buses. They used to be an undependable bulky bike that could collapse as you rode it. But technology has advanced a lot and now folding bicycles fold easily and are very compact and sturdy. They come in various styles, sizes, and colors. Folding models usually have small tires, smaller than 20 inches, because it makes the bike more compact when folded. If you do not want one with small tires, you can still find one with larger tires that folds compactly. A bike with larger tires is usually more expensive, but can be more convenient for someone who is used to a regular bike. You can find a folding model in a large variety of colors. There are many different experimental styles too. Some have tires that are smaller than 10 inches. Others have strange frames that are more circular so the bike can fold more compactly.

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