Folding Bikes
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Folding Bike Manufacturers

Folding bikes are still relatively new to the marketplace which means that there are many different brands and manufacturers that people simply have not heard of before. But just because you have not heard of them all yet certainly does not mean that these manufacturers do not have exceptional value to offer to you. That is one of the reasons as to why we have put together this extensive resource on some of the leading folding bikes manufacturers. We hope that you will be able to explore our articles and resources in order to gain valuable insight and make a confident purchase from a manufacturer that you might otherwise have been tentative about buying from because you’d never heard of them before.

As part of this resource we will also share with you some of the best features that are offered by these manufacturers. This is an important area to cover because while there are indeed some excellent universal features that you will find on many of these models, certain manufacturers have been hard at work with special research and development projects which has enabled them to lead the way with some really special offerings that make their models especially unique from some of the other brands and manufacturers. Learning about which brands and manufacturers offer these industry leading features will help to insure that you get the absolute best value possible.

Reading through these manufacturer resources will also help to make sure that the price you will be paying is justified. While some of the more expensive brands may very well be worth every cent, other brands simply can’t justify their high prices, and we want to help protect you from getting burned.

Birdy Folding Bikes
Birdy folding bikes make it easy to get solid dependability at an affordable price.

British Folding Bikes
British folding bikes are among the most trusted models in the market.

Brompton Folding Bikes
Bbrompton folding bikes are super fun and easy to ride.

Citizen Folding Bikes
Citizen folding bikes offer a transportation solution that you can truly trust.

Dahon Folding Bikes
Dahon folding bikes are really fun to ride!

Di Blasi Folding Bikes
Di Blasi folding bikes offer cutting edge designs that keep you safe.

Downtube Folding Bikes
You’re sure to love the comfortable ride granted by Downtube folding bikes.

Fuji Folding Bikes
Fuji folding bikes are built under one of the absolute most trusted names.

Giant Folding Bikes
Giant folding bikes are a proud manufacturer of some of best models of compact bikes.

Gosha Folding Bikes
Gosha folding bikes are well loved for their highly compactable dimensions.

Houston Folding Bikes
Houston folding bikes offer exceptional value for a variety of uses.

Kansi Folding Bikes
Kansi folding bikes are a popular choice among countless riders.

Light Weight Folding Bikes
Light weight folding bikes allow you to take your bike just about anywhere.

Manufacturers of Folding Bikes
Click through to learn about the top manufacturers of folding bikes.

Mezzo Folding Bikes
Mezzo folding bikes are among the best values in the marketplace.

Montague Folding Bikes
Montague folding bikes offer reliable designs that will keep you safe on the road.

Raleigh Folding Bikes
You’ll be surprised at just small you can compact your Raleigh folding bikes.

Sears Folding Bikes
Sears folding bikes offer highly convenient cycling at great rates.

Schwinn Folding Bikes
Schwinn folding bikes provide a fast yet very safe ride.

Folding Bikes Folding Bikes