Folding Bikes
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Folding Bike Parts

Folding bikes necessarily have more parts than standard, non-folding bikes. Folding bikes are designed to fold into tight, easy to carry, shapes. As a result, folding bikes have more hinges and movable parts than other bicycles do. Folding bikes are very popular in the United Kingdom and in South-East Asia countries, but they haven't quite caught on yet in the United States. Many people think it is probably just a matter of time before folding bikes really catch on in the United States. Because folding bikes are just on the cusp of popularity, they are difficult to find in the United States. Folding bikes are not available in bike shops or department stores, like other bikes. Most people have to import their folding bikes, order folding bikes online, or purchase folding bikes directly from the manufacturer.

As a result, folding bike parts might be a bit difficult to find. These parts definitely will not be easy to find as regular, standard bike parts. But despite the fact folding bikes are not as popular in the United States, there is still a very real, albeit small, culture of folding bike enthusiasts. In some cases, you might have to find a local folding bike club, or an online folding bike club, to find used folding bikes or parts.

Because of the low supply of folding bikes, there are not many specialty shops or repair shops for folding bikes repair and maintenance. This also adds to the difficulty of finding parts. You might be wondering, given the difficulty of finding folding parts, finding folding bikes, and finding folding bike repairman, why anybody bothers with folding bikes to begin with. Folding bikes are very appealing, even if it is currently difficult to find parts. Folding bikes are appealing because they are well-suited for large cities with large populations. Especially if the cities have a large number of commuters who use public transportation. Because there are many parts and hinges, folding bikes can be comfortably folded and carried onto buses and trains.

Given the convenience of folding bikes now, and the popularity in other parts of the world, folding bikes could enjoy a boost in popularity in the states. When that happens, folding bikes, folding bike shops, and foldable bicycle parts will be much easier to find.

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