Folding Bikes
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Folding Camper

If you want to go camping but you do not want to sleep on the ground or in a tent and you do not have a large car to tow a large camper then a folding camper is a great option for you. There are a variety of of these that work for anybody's needs. Some are large enough for a large family, others are made for 1-3 people. Some are large enough that they should be towed by a truck and others are small enough to be towed by a small car or even a motorcycle. Many of these campers are just as luxurious as larger campers while being small enough to take places where a large RV might not be able to get to. When unfolded canthey be spacious and sleep many people and then they fold compactly and easily when it is time to go. When folded, these campers usually have storage space for a lot of camping gear or luggage. Many folding models also have racks on top of them when folded that things such as small boats can be secured to. Most of these campers come in white, beige and grey with colorful accents and stripes.

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