Folding Bikes
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Folding Cane

A folding cane is convenient for storage and transportation and is very sturdy. Most are made with aluminum which makes them very durable and dependable. Many have comfortable ergonomic handles so your hand will not cramp up with long use. These canes come in various lengths for various body types and heights; some have adjustable lengths so you can find the perfect length for you. They are relatively inexpensive, most range from fifteen to thirty dollars but some can even be fifty to seventy dollars. More expensive folding models are usually more sturdy and ornate. When not in use, these canes fold compactly and easily and many come with carrying cases for more convenient storage and transportation. The majority of these canes come in black or silver with occasional colorful accents of blue, red, green or purple. Some come in brighter colors and patterns. Others have marble or wood-like finishes and come in colors such as purple, blue, red, green, yellow and pink.

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Folding Bikes Folding Bikes