Folding Bikes
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Folding Cart

A folding cart is convenient for carrying nearly anything and can fold up for easy storage. It is great for carrying anything you need for a beach trip. This type of cart is also good for carrying groceries home if you walk to the grocery store. A foldable cart also works well for carrying small luggage, electronics or laundry. They come in a variety of designs that work for a variety of purposes. Those with four wheels and a large basket or bag work well for groceries or laundry. Those with two wheels and a large basket work really well for beach trips because two-wheeled carts can move through the sand easily. Two-wheeled carts with a shallow basket work well for luggage and small furniture. Some folding carriers come with metal baskets, others use canvas bags and some use durable thick plastic baskets. They also come in various handle lengths for different heights. When not in use, these carts fold easily and compactly for easy storage. They come in a variety of colors such as black, blue, red, green, yellow and purple.

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Folding Bikes Folding Bikes