Folding Bikes
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Folding Step Stool

Anybody who is short knows how necessary a folding step stool is. These make certain areas and shelves more accessible. They are necessary to clean certain hard-to-reach spots. They can be easily stored away in a closet, under stairs, or even between a counter or a piece of furniture and the wall. Folding stools aren’t just helpful for people who might be short. They are good to have around for children, as well. Folding stools can also be used for cleaning. For example, it might be easier to reach cobwebs in corners and against the ceiling with one of these stools. They are also great to use for cleaning windows.

Folding stools can be found at most department stores, and even grocery stores. They are pretty inexpensive, and they’re good investments, because most of them will last a very long time. These stools are usually made of aluminum and plastic. Folding stools also come in a variety of colors, though the most common colors are black and white.

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