Folding Bikes
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Kids Bikes

Kids bikes come in many different sizes. There is a suitably sized kid bike for any and every age. Childrens bikes should always be the right size for the height and weight of the child. A kids bike that is too small for a child is dangerous because the child won’t be able to ride comfortably. Bikes that are too large for a child is dangerous because the child won’t be able to keep it under control. Childrens bikes also come in styles designed for boys and styles designed for girls. There is no safety reason to have two different types of bikes, but a little boy will not want to ride one designed for a girl, and the same is true for most girls and bikes designed for boys. Bicycles for kids range in prices. The cheapest are generally around one hundred dollars, though they can be cheaper during sales. They can also get into the range of thousands of dollars. It makes sense not to invest a great deal of money into one because your child will outgrow it.

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Folding Bikes Folding Bikes