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Lowrider Bikes

Lowrider bikes are designed to be reminiscent of the popular lowrider cars. They are custom bikes that share certain characteristics. Some of them are customized by the riders, but others are available from the factory. They usually have banana seats instead of the more modern and popular narrow seats. Lowrider-style bikes also come with sissy bars—sissy bars are the passenger rests on the back of a bike. These bikes also have what is known as “ape-hangers” for the handle bar. They also usually have fenders on the front and back tires. Highly polished chrome or gold accessories are often added to complete the look.

Lowriders first began to get popular in the sixties, but they are still popular bikes now. There are many different stores and shops that specialize in lowriders, so they are still fairly easy to find. These bikes range in price, but because of their specialized nature, they tend to be above two hundred and fifty dollars. Lowrider bicycles can be a lot of fun to build, customize and ride. They are more popular in some areas of the country, but anybody can enjoy one.

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