Folding Bikes
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Manufacturers of Folding Bikes

While there certainly are quite a few different models of folding bikes that people can now choose from, there is actually enough variety that it can be rather difficult to know which manufacturer you can truly trust. So we have put together a brief outline of some of the best manufacturers of folding bikes to help guide you through what should be a very fun process for you. After all, you are on your way to getting an incredibly innovative and convenient sport and transportation device! This is environmentally sensible transportation at its very best.

Birdy is a German engineered performance model of folding bike which includes full front and rear suspension for a super comfortable ride. They also feature ultra light aluminum frames for great portability.

Brompton is a brand that is often likened to the "Jaguar" of folding bicycles. This awesome model is considered to be one of the most compactable models in the industry, helping people to take their bikes just about anywhere.

Caribike is a brand known for offering top quality at very inexpensive pricing, helping people to get an amazing deal through quality features.

Dahon is actually one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of folding bikes in the United States, boasting an amazing track record of excellent service and high quality parts and designs.

Montague offers full size folding bikes that still somehow manage to maintain a fairly light weight design for a very portable option.

Moulton offers a rugged biking model that features a full suspension which enables riders to tackle a wide variety of terrains.

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