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Montague Folding bikes

For those of you looking for a new folding bike, you certainly have got a lot of great options. And one of the brands that continues to offer one of the absolute best options is Montague. Montague folding bikes continue to please their riders through designs that incorporate a number of excellent features that combine to provide a comprehensive cycling solution for just about everyone.

Montague has dedicated itself to making some of the most compact folding options out there. In fact, they are considered among the most compactable models in the market. This has made their models a favorite among people who commute on a daily basis and occasionally need to take their bikes with them on public transportation. They are also able to be folded small enough where they can be brought into offices and stowed under desks. And you can actually fold these bikes up in just 30 seconds or less!

Among the more popular options are their city folding bike models that offer an excellent degree of control that allows riders to easily navigate and zip around crowded areas with the utmost in safe riding. You can even find some models that feature full front and rear suspension for an improved ability to handle changing terrain. Regardless of whether you get a model with suspension or not, you can certainly look forward to a very comfortable ride from these bikes. There are also several different options for the number of gears that you can select as well, giving you an even greater degree of control out on the road.

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