Folding Bikes
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Mountain BIkes

Mountain bikes are designed to be rugged and durable enough for mountain trails and other unpaved riding surfaces. Regular bicycles would not be able to handle the rocky and uneven terrain of a mountain trail the way mountain bicycles can. They have larger, knobby tires for extra traction, and most of the recent models also have front and rear suspension. It’s impossible to make general statements about these bikes because they are designed not only for many different terrains, but also many different disciplines. Cross-country bikes are not the same as downhill bikes, which are in turn different from other mountain models. Despite the many differences in sports and disciplines, all mountain bikes are designed to be strong, durable, and safe for the rider. Mountain bicycles have much different geometry and shape than other bikes, and are also extremely light-weight and easy to maneuver.

Mountain bicycles are not inexpensive. A good model is a major investment. As such, they should be properly cleaned and stored after each use. They should also be properly maintained. Like most vehicles, these bikes perform and function best when they receive regular tune-ups.

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