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Racing Bikes

Racing bikes are designed in accordance with UCI rules of 1934 for road racing. Among other things, this means they cannot be recumbent bikes. They need to be light-weight. They also need to focus on the aerodynamic efficiency of the rider’s position. The wheels and tires of a racing bike are extremely important because they have a huge impact on the racing performance of these bikes. This means that they typically have a reduced number of spokes, and the spokes can be specifically designed to cut down on resistance.

Racing bicycles are not very popular as recreational bikes. People who are looking for bikes for purely recreational purposes tend to shy away from racing models for several reasons. For one thing, entry-level models are almost twice as expensive as most entry-level mountain bicycles. For another thing, they are simply less durably and sturdy than mountain bikes because they bikes are designed with only speed in mind. Mountain bikes tend to be more rugged.

Racing models also need to meet pretty exact size requirements to qualify as racing bicycles. However, the size requirements can be modified if the rider can demonstrate need.

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