Folding Bikes
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Raleigh Folding Bikes

If you have studied your bikes before then you have surely heard of Raleigh. And even if you have a very minimal background in bikes, many years of experience in the industry has enabled brand new buyers to purchase with full confidence. Countless buyer’s guides

Raleigh folding bike is great for both commuters and novices. Raleigh rules, for it is your best companion on road. Raleigh folding bicycle can be stored and transported quite effortlessly because of their easy maneuverability and ease of carrying from one spot to the other.

The best folding varieties from Raleigh will help you get to where you need to go with much greater convenience. They fold down small enough to be carried with you just about anywhere you go.

Plus, frame designs such as those made from aluminum alloy provide a very durable yet lightweight solution. Raleigh has also put a great amount of effort into the design of the hinges as well, which is a vital part of these folding models. Not only do consumers continue to rave about just how fast they can fold up their Raleigh models, they also continue to report on how robust the hinges are which is especially important to note since all too many folding models feature hinges that just don’t hold up over time. The frame of these Raleigh bikes are nice and stiff and it can handle heavier riders at high speeds. And you will surely want to make sure that your bike is light enough to carry otherwise the folding design will essentially become a moot point.

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