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Schwinn Folding Bikes

If you have not heard of Schwinn before then there is a very good chance that you haven’t left your house, ever. No offense, of course, but Schwinn has been one of the absolute top leaders in the cycling world for many years. They continue to remain at the top through their designs which are based on cutting edge technology paired with years of advanced knowledge and expertise in the cycling world. This means that you get to look forward to a comprehensive suite of high tech features for a very well rounded cycling experience.

As part of this well rounded cycling experience riders of all kinds can look forward to bike models that will allow them to tackle a wide variety of situations with great efficiency. This includes being able to rely on your new folding bike model for daily commuting as well as getting a little rugged and hitting up some demanding trails with their folding mountain bike models.

One of the more popular folding models that is offered by Schwinn is their city bike. This special model actually offers 7 gears or speed of functionality, which is a great help for people navigating busy streets or changing inclines. And what makes this model especially well loved in busy urban and city areas is its highly compactable form which allows people to conveniently stow it away even on busy public transportation and in busy offices as well.

And these Schwinn models offer an even greater value through their super durable yet lightweight alloy frames.

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