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Sizing A Folding Bike

Sizing a folding bike is very important when you are searching for a reliable folding bike. Folding bikes are growing in popularity because they are easy to transport and easy to store, especially in areas where cycling rather than driving is a necessity, or in areas where cycling is a key part of public transportation or car-pooling. Because so much of the popularity of the folding bike depends on the size, sizing a bike is very important. Another important consideration for your folding bike is whether or not it fits you. Looking at a folding bike when it's completely folded may make the notion seem ridiculous. They're so small! How could they fit anybody comfortably? But that is the magic of the folding bike.

Most folding bikes seats are adjustable, so sizing a bike for your particular build isn't really that difficult. Due to the fact that the seats are adjustable, most folding bikes are unisex and built for people of all heights and sizes. Furthermore, folding bike frames lack the middle bar between the handle bars and the seat, which makes it even easier to find the right size of folding bike for any person.

When you are considering the size of a folded folding bike, you shouldn't just think about the measurements. Volume and size are important things to consider when sizing, of course, but that's not the most important thing. Where are you going to store your folding bike? Are you going to be storing it under the bed? Are you going to be storing in a closet? Do you plan to pack it in a suitcase or another bag? Are you going to be putting it on the bike racks on the front busses or fitting it on a subway? The dimensions of a folding bike aren't as important as the actual shape.

Folding bikes fold into many, many different shapes. You might be surprised at the variety of shapes and sizes of folding bikes on the market. This means that the answers to the above questions can have a very serious impact on what style and brand of folding bike you ultimately purchase. Taking the time for sizing a bicycle is a key part to researching folding bikes.

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