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Sports Bikes

Sports bikes are a type of street bikes. There are three different classifications for motorcycles—street bikes, off-road, and dual-sport. They are classified with street bikes. With these bikes, the emphasis is on acceleration, deceleration, and handling. Sports models are built for speed and racing. They are very fast, but they are not comfortable for long-term riding. They are not built for cross-country trips or touring, and do not have the room for baggage or anything besides the rider. These bikes are designed to be light-weight and aerodynamic. Sports models also have high-performance engines. Some types of are known as “crotch rockets” because of the general size and the speed they are capable of.

There are five different classes of sports bike. There is a beginner class meant to introduce new riders to the sports design. There are the “super sport” style bikes, the superbike, the “hyper sport” bike, and the sports touring bike. These classes are not officially recognized by any governing body, but they are broadly known terms in the sports cycling culture. Touring bikes are interesting because they are designed with an emphasis of longer trips, and with room for luggage, even though sports cycles in general are not meant to for anything besides short, fast trips.

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