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Thule Bike Racks

Thule makes bike racks for roofs, trunks, and hitches. Thule bike racks are known for their high-quality. They are designed with a variety of life-styles in mind. Their racks are also designed for many different people and their unique needs. Roof bike racks range in price, depending on the sort of bikes you need the racks for. For example, a rack designed for tandem bikes is going to be more expensive than racks designed to carry a single wheel. Most roof racks range between one hundred and two hundred dollars.

The trunk Thule racks tend to be slightly cheaper than the roof racks. The trunk racks attach directly to the trunk, and trunk racks can fit either a truck, SUV, or a car. Most trunk models can carry either two or three bikes at a time. Hitch bike racks are a good choice for people who have more than two bikes to transport. Hitch racks are designed to carry at least three bikes at a time, but generally four. Hitch racks are also a bit more expensive than other types of racks, because of the design and the capability to carry up four bikes.

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