Folding Bikes
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Touring BIkes

Touring bikes are designed to go on bicycle tours. They are modified to have luggage racks on the front and on the backs of the bikes. They also have a few other modifications and difference. For example, most touring models have larger tires in order to carry more weight, and touring cycles also have larger frames to accommodate the larger tires. Touring cycles also have places for at least three water bottles. These bikes can also be recumbent bikes. Even tandem bikes can be modified to be touring cycles.

Touring cycles is also a commonly used phrase to refer to touring motorcycles. This is a classification of motorcycles that have several things in common. They are built for long-distance travel, or areas with heavy traffic. They generally have larger gas tanks than sports bikes. These bikes also have windshields in order to cut down on winds and sun against the rider’s face. These bikes might even have larger dashes, for things like CD players and two-way radios. Touring models also have upright seats and are more comfortable for riding during long distances.

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